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After Dark Corn Maze

Come see the night life at Breezy Hollow

4 Dates to Check out

Breezy Hollow Night Life...


Friday, September 29th 2023

Saturday, September 30th 2023

Saturday, October 7th 2023

Saturday, October 14th 2023

7:00 - 10:00pm

Come and see if you can master our  Corn Maze After Dark. Bring your flashlight and some friends! Make it a 'girls night' or a 'date night'. 


Mastering the After Dark Corn Maze is sure to give you bragging rights! 


Stay for some Popcorn & Apple cider around the fire. We also have Pumpkin Checkers, and Tic Tac Toe and other yard games. 


We want you to be safe, so please be aware of our rules provided for your safety and others also traveling the maze. Supervision of youth is required:

  1. Flashlights are required. (For After Dark Maze)
    2. No picking or throwing corn!
    3. Stay on the trail – this is to keep you safe as well as our corn (it won’t grow back once it’s knocked down)
    4. No running.
    5. Be considerate to others and to the property you are on. Please put garbage in a trash container.
    6. No smoking, alcohol or drugs, and if you’re under the influence of the latter two, please don’t visit our farm. .

As parents ourselves as well as owners of Breezy Hollow, we strive to provide a fun experience for all ages. Please plan on supervising your children when visiting the farm not only to ensure their safety and well being, but also to share in the memories.

We will have an after dark corn maze for your flashlight adventure on the above dates, weather permitting. The night time maze opens at 7:00 pm and last entry is as 9:30pm. You must be out of the maze by 10:00pm. This nighttime hike through the 5 acre field of corn with trails carved in a maze design is not haunted, but certainly a fun adventure for all ages.The after dark corn maze is $11 per person,  Trails are dirt. We design and maintain the trails to be as safe as possible, but keep in mind: rain + dirt = mud, so come prepared! FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED

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